STORYTIME | Three years on the blog

Hey peeps! Happy International Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies out there and if you are not celebrating then Happy Friday – there is always a reason for a happy day 🙂

Today I am wishing myself a happy 3 years on the blog, even though I have not been working on it solidly for those 36 months it has always been on my mind. I think actually this is a good time just to reflect on where I was and where the plan is next.

I started out with this page in March 2016 it was known as Macquillagewithleilani, I was 20 years old and just getting in to the whole blogging and social media thing, when I started out I didn’t have an arsenal of expensive makeup, good camera, props to hand to make my content stand out or even a laptop all of my work I published using my mobile phone, but despite all this I was determined, I was so determined to make it work. I wouldn’t say that life was easier, but there were less elements for me to focus my attention on so when I wasn’t at work I would work on my blog.

In the beginning, things were slow. I didn’t have much to talk about or review so content was very hit and miss on when it would be published and I hadn’t quite grasped the fact that if I am talking about eye makeup just take a photo of my eye not the whole face and to do swatches too! I kept going though, a year later I got a new phone which at the time was the current flagship, that meant the camera was far superior and being a bigger phone publishing was easier as I had a bigger keyboard to type on. I was also able to purchase a laptop later that year and things were really starting to look up – I still had the same drive but this time I was able to improve my writing content, photography and share more with you all. In fact for the whole of July I blogged every single day which really boosted my page. Life was starting to change for me outside the blog though and I was starting to get more responsibility, I was lucky though as I had the additional support of my boyfriend to help motivate me when things were getting tough.

Last year was the hardest, I had loads of content to share and the tools to really bring it to life at last but I had lost my spark. It was difficult seeing bloggers who had started roughly the same time as me really take off and while I am not jealous and in no way resent them because I always wish everyone the best, I ended up questioning myself and my own abilities, asking why not me? it was starting to get too much – I work full time plus additional hours when required and then study after work, with this going on I am then expected and want to maintain the fulfilling relationships in my life, the blog went on the back burner. During the autumn of 2018, there was so much upheaval and I ended up feeling the loneliest I had ever felt in my life. While I was fortunate to still have the love of my boyfriend, that was about it, it was awful especially since I was only 22 and should have been living the best years of my life. In addition to that because of everything that was going on, I was left questioning myself, who I really am as a person and how much of my own identity I had lost of myself with characteristics taken from other people.

This was the moment when I figured out what I wanted to share on my blog, how I wanted to rebrand and market myself all over again. Starting from scratch by renaming meant that my previous posts dropped off of search engines so any passive views that I was receiving were gone. I have to put in the hard work all over again, with the same drive that I had back in 2016 and this time with better tools, content and knowledge gained within those three years to make it a reality. I have learned to accept that people doing the same as me may indeed “overtake” me in what they are doing, but that is ok because I will never have an exact copy of their audience, frame of reference or the exact same content they have to share. I am in a competition with myself and that is the only person who I have to beat every single day because there is only one me and only one Literallei, no one else is doing it for me exactly like me.

This International Womens Day, I have reflected on becoming the person I always needed and achieving what I always wanted because even if I am not there now, I will be there or better in the future. I am currently working on my domain to make it solely and in addition to that I am creating a schedule for me to stick to so that there is regular content published.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me in the past three years, I cherish every single one of you who reads my posts, leaves a comment or like or follow as it is an investment of time from you which I really appreciate.

Love and (high)light ✌🏻


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