I tried out a tinted face moisturiser for men | AD

Hello my beauties! I’ve spent the past few weeks testing out something created by men for men but who are now looking for ladies to give their products a go – so get yourself comfy while I spill some major tea on this little discovery!

Now, I am not a stranger at raiding my boyfriends toiletry bag and in fact before he came along I was buying products aimed at men. Let’s be real – it is 2019, should skincare have a gender definition and even more importantly the massive price difference between male and female skincare when the majority of the ingredients are the same anyway? While products don’t discriminate the “pink tax” does.

I was lucky enough to receive a jar of excitement from Man Polish, it was their Everyday tinted face moisturiser for men in the shade subtle which retails at £18.95. Prior to this I had never heard about Man Polish before and it was interesting to talk to the co-owner of the brand and learn about their ethos and products while I patiently waited for the moisturiser to reach my door.

Man Polish is a UK based brand, from Manchester to be precise and pride themselves on selling Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free products which are also fragrance free – so it is a win win making it suitable for sensitive skin and not stealing the limelight away from the aftershave of choice that day. This avoidance of artificial fragrance does not make the product smell bland though, the use of natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Jojoba, Argan and many others give the product a really nice clean smell that enforces I am putting something good on my skin.

Everyday is a makeup day for me as I’m either at work or out, so there is a light to dark moment going on between my face and the rest of my body. The intention for this tinted moisturiser was for my face to blend in with the rest of my body and finally go (mostly) makeup free by stepping out with a light powder on.

End result

The instructions provided were straightforward but I thoroughly cleansed my face beforehand to make sure i got an even colour, I didn’t want to set the product up to fail with bad skin. The next morning was a little noticeable, but nothing huge and day two is where I saw the real difference – so by day three I had my wish granted of going out in minimal makeup.

Not bad considering this was my starting point

I really like this creamy formula the moisturiser comes in, it smells amazing and the formula is like nothing I have used before – the cream is solid until you run your finger past it and it literally melts in to your skin leaving no greasy residue which washed away my biggest concern. *The moisturiser is SPF free, so if you are going out make sure to have adequate coverage first.
There is a slight biscuit smell the next day when the tan has developed but only very slight and probably obvious to me as my sense of smell is very good.

So overall, I would recommend this moisturiser regardless of gender because it doesn’t matter – the product is ethical, good for you and good for the planet whilst giving amazing results and I can tell even with daily use it will last me quite a while. Thank you so much to Man Polish for sending this over.

Getting to go near enough makeup free!

Let me know in the comments below if you have raided the men’s section of skincare and what your favourite picks are!

Love and (high)light,
Leilani xx

The products in this post were gifted to me by Man Polish in exchange for a review and social media content, I have received no payment for taking part and all views expressed are of my own. For full disclosure please see my PR page.


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