Hi there, my name is Leilani, I’m 23 years young and I am an enthusiast of all things beauty, fashion, positivity and lifestyle.

Literallei was founded in 2019, the page was previously known as Macquillage with Leilani in 2016 but as time went on I changed and so did the content – I was in a slump and uninspired, I no longer wanted to post solely about makeup and I wanted a name that would make me beam with pride whenever I told anybody who would stand long enough to listen, it took months to think of a new name until one night I was sick in bed watching trash TV where they kept using ‘literally’ as punctuation; Literally + Leilani = the birth of Literallei.

Outside of Literallei, I work for the NHS full-time and I’m also studying towards an accredited qualification which supports me in my current role and beyond so thank goodness for post scheduling because while it may look like I am living my best life I will most likely be surrounded by my course materials at the time of publish!

I choose to write about things I am passionate about be that fashion, makeup, how I am feeling that week, something I have experienced, fashion, a recipe, etc I want to share literallei everything with you.

My three favourite brands are: Soap & Glory, Urban Decay and Pixi Beauty.
When it comes to social media, I like to surround my newsfeed with positivity and organic personalities – my five favourite influencers are: Kaushal Beauty, Jay Shetty, Tati Westbrook, Diipa Khosla and Priyanka Chopra.
Shameless plug on the topic of Instagram: @literallei

I am just so excited to start sharing with you all again on this new lease of life and the beginning of Literallei!


Integrity is something that is important to me, I am open to working with brands to test out and review their products but this will always be clearly stated to my audience whether the item/experience has been gifted or sponsored and my honest opinion will be given during time of the post. However I have no right to slander the reputation of a brand, what I may have not have liked someone else may love and it is based on an individuals preference or skin/hair type, there are many factors and therefore I will not place my own bias towards a product I will balance the pros with the cons (if there are any).

For business enquires please email literallei@gmail.com 


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