Life Update

New name, new vibes ✌

So I am back! Hopefully some of the people reading this remember me from my old blog Macquillagewithleilani which I set up in 2016, I took a really long hiatus from the blog and my instagram for a number of reasons, if I said that life got in the way that would be an excuse… Continue reading New name, new vibes ✌


HAUL | Spring makeup additions

I can't help but feel sad, but this time last week I was halfway through the Easter weekend with my boyfriend in Bath... But the highlight is that there are less than 8 weeks until our holiday now so that gives us something to look forward to. Giving my makeup bag a spring update was… Continue reading HAUL | Spring makeup additions


EXPERIENCE | Getting toric contact lenses

It's Sunday night Cheeleaders and here is a new post! Whilst this isn't a review and potentially not exactly life changing, I wanted to share my contact lens experience with you because I have Astigmatism meaning that I don't have the vast choice of lenses compared to normal contact lens wearers. What is Astigmatism? So basically… Continue reading EXPERIENCE | Getting toric contact lenses


VIRAL HACK | DIY 3D False Eyelashes

Sunday mornings are so lazy, my favourite thing to do is just watch YouTube videos in bed before I get up and out.. This new hack has dropped and basically it makes cheap lashes look expensive by giving them a 3D effect. I love 3D lashes but they are SO expensive, I really don't think… Continue reading VIRAL HACK | DIY 3D False Eyelashes


2 years on…

Albeit a little late as I have had a lot going on recently, just over a week ago on the 8th March it marked two years of my blog and me coming back to blogging. As the anniversary kind of passed me like a full bus, I didn't have anything planned so I revisited some… Continue reading 2 years on…


REVIEW | Schwarzkopf Color Mask

It was New Years Eve and I was adament that I was leaving my roots in 2017 (if it was only for another 6 weeks that is), New Years Eve fell on a Sunday so I was already at a disadvantage with the shops closing early. I wanted some cheap eyelashes and we were in… Continue reading REVIEW | Schwarzkopf Color Mask



I have a problem, usually when I have finished one product I will always have a backup in place and then throw out the used product (that was before I started my project empties in which I am saving up all my empties from 2018 and seeing how much I use/spend throughout the year), but… Continue reading THROWAWAY HAUL| Mascara